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Commercial videos produced by Harp Films

Commercial videos produced by Harp Films have produced new revenue with stable ROI. We work across multiple industries including Medical, Petro-Chemical, Live Events, and Government Organizations.


We regularly work with large-scale commercial clients and government entities to meet the needs of modern-day marketing via commercial video.


Our pilots are Part 107 Certified through the FAA, ensuring safe practices, while delivering exceptional quality with a creative touch.


Custom graphics, animated explainers, chroma-keying/green screen, and even 3D modeling are no problem for our advanced in-house production team.

Creative Filmmaking

Have a goal but no ideas for video content? No problem. Our team regularly puts out new and innovative ideas to meet any challenge. We even create custom scripts and storyboards.

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Our Commercial Video Clients

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How Do We Help?
We help our clients achieve their financial and business goals, while monitoring their ROI. Commercial video is key in building a brand. By using a 4 step process, we ensure that every commercial client we work with is getting exactly what they need to secure the best results possible.
1 . Asses & Strategize

Our team will analyze your goals, determine the outcome, and build a quote

2. Plan & Prepare

We assemble the resources for your project.

3. Produce & Deliver

We film, direct, edit, and deliver your video along with a few extras.

4. Monitor & Report

This is what separates us. We monitor your content and it’s performance to determine the best course of action.

Our mission

Return on investment without sacrificing quality

In Commercial Video our continued emphasis is return on investment, but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. Rather, we put more time into coordination and planning to lower the cost of production and editing.
We want to make sure your investment in video production makes sense. Our team does this by defining success and choosing the best method of achieving those goals.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Dakota Harp | Owner at Harp Films

Gimbal operator from our video team
Video Team member on gimbal